Pitco SG14R Gas Fryer - (1) 50 lb Vat, Natural Gas

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Pitco SG14R Description

Designed to efficiently heat without a blower, the Pitco SG14R Solstice™ gas fryer uses Solstice burner technology, and the millivolt thermostat maintains temperatures close to the point set by operators. Its baffle system optimizes how heat is transferred to the oil and reduces how much is lost through the flue. If any heat does leave the flue, it is guided through a flue deflector toward the kitchen's hood system, helping maintain comfortable ambient temperatures. To prevent potential fires and fryer component damage, the high-limit switch cuts off the burner if temperatures reach unsafe levels.

Resisting corrosion and scratches, the Pitco SG14RS gas fryer has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction, and its cabinet door is mounted on a 316-inch hinge to protect it from sagging. Behind the door, a 114-inch port drain valve is used to empty the oil, and an extension piece directs oil into a container or filter system.

Product Details

  • Part of the Solstice series
  • 40- to 50-lb. oil capacity
  • Stainless steel tank simplifies cleaning and adds durability
  • Dependable, blower-free burner technology creates even temperatures and fast recovery
  • Millivolt thermostat maintains precise temperatures
  • High-temperature limit switch stops burners if fryer begins to overheat
  • Cabinet front, door, and sides are made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Door has a reliable, 316-in. hinge to prevent sagging
  • Flue deflector guides excess heat towards hood vent to maintain comfortable kitchen temperatures
  • 9-in. adjustable legs provide plenty of room to clean underneath the fryer
  • Tube racks keep baskets in place and enable loose crumbs to fall into cold zone
  • Basket hanger is removable without tools for cleaning
  • 114-in. front-mounted port drain valve enables oil to be drained quickly and thoroughly
  • Drain line cleanout rod thoroughly removes grease and sediment
  • Drain extension guides draining oil into a container or filter system
  • 122,000 BTU

Product Features

Pitco sg14rsng Features

Dimensions & Utilities

  • Frying area: 14 in. L x 14 in. W x 314-5 in. D
  • Overall: 1558 in. W x 381132 in. D x 4618 in. H
  • Heated by natural gas

Solstice™ Fryer, natural gas, floor model, full frypot, 40-50 lb. oil capacity, millivolt control, stainless steel tank, front, door & sides, 122,000 BTU, NSF, CE, CSA Flame, CSA Star, AuGA

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